We specialise in {connecting|linking|joining} {families|people|prospective parents} with specialists in fertility {care|treatment|health care}, {and offer|and provide} services to help {guide you|show you} through your fertility {journey|path}. {We offer|You can expect} services {for people|for those} looking for both surrogacy and IVF.

Based in {the UK|the united kingdom}, {our team|our group} of fertility {experts|professionals} have {a wealth|an abundance} of experience, and {can find|will help find|will work with you to find} {the solution|the perfect solution is|the answer} to your fertility needs. {We have|We’ve} a network of IVF and surrogacy {clinics|treatment centers}, and {are able to|have the ability to} help with {almost any|nearly every} case.

Our speciality {is in|is at|is} matching {intended|planned|expected} parents seeking surrogacy services with a {clinic|medical center|center|medical clinic} that is {most suitable|the most suitable} to {their situation|their position}. We only {work with|use} the mostprofessional and {state of the art|advanced|high tech|cutting edge|state-of-the-art} clinics {in the UK|in the united kingdom}, {and we will|and we’ll} do everything {to find the best|for the best} solution for you.

We then {continue to|provide continued|provide further help} help through your {journey|process}, {and provide|and offer} support {be it|whether it is|whether it be} physical, medical and {emotional|psychological|mental} as you go through the surrogacy process. {Our team|We} work to {the highest|the best} {standards|requirements|specifications|criteria|expectations|benchmarks}, and are {passionate|excited|ardent|keen} and {believe in|have confidence in} the solutions {we offer|you can expect}. This makes us {the ideal|the perfect} partner for {care|treatment|attention|health care|care and attention|good care}, information and {guidance|assistance|advice|direction|instruction|information}.

Support Specialists

We are {an end to end|complete|start to finish} fertility specialist, {focused on|centered on} helping {people who are|those who are|individuals who are} {struggling|attempting} to or cannot {conceive|get pregnant}. {We provide|We offer} support in information about {the different|the various|the several|different} options available {to those|to the people|to people {wanting to|attempting to} explore their fertility options.

Fertility Coordinators
We suggest {a variety of|a number of} fertility options depending on {your circumstances|your position}, and do so with the {care|treatment|attention|care and attention|good care} and attention necessary. Our {in house|internal} team {are dedicated to providing you with|focus on providing the} best information possible. Our {objective|goal|aim|purpose} is {to make your|is to help your} {path|route|way|course|journey} to parenthood {as simple|as easy} and successful {as possible|as you possibly can|as you can|as is possible|as it can be|as is feasible}.

Your Personalized Journey

Our high {standards|benchmarks} and criteria for success make us one of the lea
ding {destinations|locations|places|agencies} for information and support. Our {commitment|dedication|determination} to {each and every one|every single one} {of our|in our} clients {is what|is exactly what} {makes us unique|sets us apart}. Everyone is on their own {path|course|journey} and has {their own unique|their own} {set of|group of} needs. We {look forward to|anticipate} walking {with you|along with you|together with you|along|to you} {on your journey|though t
his process}.

Our Services:


Surrogacy may {seem|appear|seem to be} complicated and {overwhelming|frustrating} at first. {We offer|We provide} information in {a simple|a straightforward} and easy {to understand|to comprehend} way {so that you|so you} {are in a place to|are able to} {choose the best|pick the best} option for you. Everyone we {work with|we provide our service for} will have {a personal|an individual} {coordinator|planner|member of staff} to help {you choose|you select} the right option {and will|and can} provide {guidance|assistance|advice|direction|instruction|information} through {the process|the procedure} {until you succeed|until you are are successful}.


IVF (in vitro fertilisation) {is an|can be an} option for women who {are having|are experiencing} {difficulties|troubles|problems|issues|complications|challenges} in conceiving {naturally|by natural means|in a natural way}, or are experiencing {difficulties with|problems with} fertility. IVF {is used|is utilized|can be used|is employed} to simulate the {biological|natural} process and {is done|is performed} {by taking|by removing} an immature {egg cell|ovum} from the ovary, know as an ‘oocyte’ and fertilising it with sperm in a {lab|laboratory}. The fertilised egg is then {returned|inserted back} to the mother’s womb to {grow|develop} naturally. {This process|This technique} greatly {increases the|improves the} chance of {becoming pregnant|getting pregnant}.


Our sister {agency|company|organization|firm} Gaia Fertility is an international {agency|company|organization|firm} that specialises in surrogacy {law|legislation|regulation|rules|laws|legislations}, and is at the core {of our|in our|of our own} service offering. {When choosing|Whenever choosing} surrogacy {you should be aware|you ought to know} of {laws|laws and regulations|regulations} around it, and {that this option|that surrogacy and IVF} {allows you|gives you the ability} to have a child that is fully {recognised|recognized|accepted} as yours by {the law|law}.