About Us

Our speciality {is in|is at|is} matching {intended|planned|expected} parents seeking surrogacy services with a {clinic|medical center|center|medical clinic} that is {most suitable|the most suitable} to {their situation|their position}. We only {work with|use} the most professional and {state of the art|advanced|high tech|cutting edge|state-of-the-art} clinics {in the UK|in the united kingdom}, {and we will|and we’ll} do everything {to find the best|for the best} solution for you.

Our Story

Come to Regency International Clinic in London, N1, for expert care at a dedicated sexual health clinic. We specialise in fertility and reproductive issues, as well as cosmetic treatments, such as vaginoplasty and hymen reconstruction. We also offer cosmetic treatments and neurology.


We are a private practice, offering top-class service tailored to each patient. We always go the extra mile, giving you peace of mind with strict confidentiality and follow ups for six weeks after your procedure. With an excellent track record and competitive prices, our clinic provide treatments you can trust.